< Art > See sound with your eyes.

Japanese architect Toyo Ito's design,
National Taichung Theater,was inspired by the concept of Sound Caves. 
A sense of Nature's dynamism. 

< Culture > Baishatun Mazu Pilgrimage

Early Spring ( 白沙屯媽祖遶境 )

Taiwanese big folk / culture event, which has been held over than 160 years.

The best way to understand Taiwanese folk beliefs, social culture, pioneering history, and recognition of Taiwan’s land.

In the nine-day Mazu pilgrimage event, you will catch touching moment and hear the warmth of real life stories.

(Intangible Cultural Heritage)

< Architecture > The Luce Chapel Church's Sunrise.

The Luce Chapel remains the only church building ever designed by I.M. Pei.

< Life > Taichung’s Third Market 

Taichung’s 3rd market is  a 97-years traditional market, which is worth visiting. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are the characteristics of this market. 

Most of the stalls are more than 40 years old.

Going to the 3rd market to buy food becomes the habit of customers.

< Nature > Yuanzui Mountain / Birds Beak Mountain (鳶嘴山)

A beautiful mountain range that will bring you a fun time to climb.

Near-vertical cliffs make people feel challenging, in fact it is not dangerous.

This climbing tour is highly recommended.

( This climbing takes four hours. )

< Sport > Divecube Hotel

Presenting the first of its kind, a hotel where diving is possible, Divecube Hotel. With an urban concept in mind, Divecube Hotel was created as a place where you can enjoy the comfort of a modern hotel stay, as well as the exhilarating experience of diving.  

Asia's first " A city hotel that can dive ".
City diving takes you to discover the underwater fantasy world. 

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