Wuwei 無為草堂

Tea is a lifestyle.

Drinking tea in a tea house was originally a natural and simple thing in life.

ChunShuiTang 春水堂創始店

ChunShuiTang (Spring Water Hall)
We created the world-famous drinks, Bubble milk tea (Pearl milk tea). Since 1987, Chun Shui Tang has tried to make a place about the culture of tea. It would be a nice experience to eat some braised snacks, fried and handmade noodles in such as a beautiful place with soft music and in a shinning day.

Sun - Sat ( AM 8:00 ~ PM 10:00 )

Zhao Zhao Tea House 兆兆茶苑



TravelEatery 旅行喫茶店

Every time we taste the local drinks while traveling, we think of letting more people experience the different tastes of drinks as well as the remarkable richness worldwide.

She & Tea 敘茶時光

The simplest joy comes from sipping a cup of good tea 
We hope to imprint the lingering sweetness of tea to your heart.
Transforming the prolonged savory and aftertaste into a simple enjoyment, 
Bringing you serenity from the hustle and bustle daily life.

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