Edia cafe 

Here you can enjoy your own leisure.
Great music makes you feel relaxed.
AM 10:00 ~ PM 8:00
Closed Wed 
IG : edia
04 23272503

Lihou cafe 里厚來坐

People say that it feels like home when they step in  “里厚來坐(li hou lai zuo, the name of our coffee shop)”. You may experience the following or even much more than that. 

A cozy place to spend your leisure time
Cups of good coffee to drink
Selected beverages except coffee are also available
Antique funiture to appreciate or to purchase
Self roasted coffee beans to obtain
Both hand-roasting and machine-roasting coffee beans are available
Handmade desserts 
A nice conversation with the barista
Enjoy the coffee time with your friends or family

Open hours: 

Closed Thu
04 23721935

IG : liho

RoundAbout 圓環咖啡

A cozy café serving great coffee and food all day, with western style grilled sandwiches and also Taiwanese rice meal. Homemade beef stew and fried chicken, along together with various kinds of yogurt choices, are the must-eat options.

Closed Wed
FB : RoundAbout


Coffee & Philosophy
Have a good time with a cup of coffee.

AM 10:00 ~ PM 7:00
04 23272810

Coffee Yeh 咖啡葉
( Fengyuan Dist. )
Mr. Yeh already have roasted coffee, made coffee over 20 years. He focus on the area of Cinnamon and City coffee, trying to seek the most perfect sour flavor. 
Besides , the handmade cakes are really surprising and sold out fast. Just go for it, you'll get a cup of unexpected coffee.

PM 1:00 ~ 10:00
04 25222005

FB :  CoffeeYeh

Aesthetic, humanistic life & nice cafe. A variety of quality coffee, don't miss the delicious almond tea.